Thursday, October 25, 2012

Git-er done.

I'm updating my world into GIT this week. Our version control system was SVN (via VisualSVNServer), but branching and tagging were always ominous.

- GitHub for windows.

- EGit for Eclipse. The setup docs are at:

- Git Issue Tracker mobile (Ipad)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Railo Websockets Gateway Conflict with CFWheels

So, apparently, the Railo Websockets Gateway Extension conflicts with CFWheels.

The doc to get you started is at:

Which was giving me the error: "Gateway:my_websocket_gateway","key [WHEELS] doesn't exist in struct (keys:applicationname)"

Documented by another user here:

The fix I found is similar, although less dramatic than "commenting out the $abortInvalidRequest();in both the events/onapplictionstart.cfm and also the events/onrequeststart.cfm allowed me to at get passed the point of the gateway not starting up."

I looked into the cfwheels code for  /wheels/global/internal.cfm --> $abortInvalidRequest  and, in my working copy, I've changed line 261 to not cause a 404 when the file in the calling path is from WebSocket.cfc, leaving wheels core functionality in place.

if ( (ListLen(callingPath, "/") GT ListLen(applicationPath, "/") || GetFileFromPath(callingPath) == "root.cfm" ) && ( GetFileFromPath(callingPath) != "WebSocket.cfc" )  )

Now.. on to WebSockets for Railo... I hope its more straight forward than having to compile java classes for Red5 ;-)